Thursday, December 14, 2017


Good things don't happen by coincidence. Every dream carries certain RISKS with it, especially the risk of failure. In 2016, when i was of 85kgs & i got a lot of problems because of the belly fat & odd skin tone as you can see in the snap above.
I experienced failure, discrimination & rejections from my surroundings. I didn't even found a single friend who liked me as a companion. For those of you who have known me since a long time, you guys know and remember very well.
People judge you by the way you look, your personality & nature comes next.That was the time when no one believed in me & lost my self confidence. I accepted challenges & decided to change myself. I took criticism as a part of growing, that motivated and inspired me everyday.
Finally I started working to change myself & it was the day January 6th 2017, 
My life began towards a change.
I promised to make a happier, healthier, fitter version of myself, which was most important - From that day onwards, i started running 14 KMS/day - area captured was from sector 105 to Noida city centre metro station.
I habituated myself of healthy, hygienic & clean food.
I decreased myself to 63kgs, that means I lost 22kgs of my total body weight.
I saw a huge change. I started working harder than before.
My skin tone started to become fairer.
My mind cleaned up its junk, which was my best place ever.
I found myself energised through out the whole day & addicted to wake up before my alarm. I eat clean, i run, i lift weights, i have muscles & strength. I found my self confidence back. Now i sparkle with my body & mind both.
During my journey to get fit, I've been through different experiments with my diet and my workout habits. It has taught me an incredible amount of ideas about my body and overall health.
Although i still face nervousness while posting my pictures on social media which show my progress. My journey made me passionate about fitness & i want you people to get inspired too. I really hope my transformation story, lessons i learned & my experience would help you to live your dream to get a physic that gains attraction.
Yes guys, you can get your body into whatever shape you want to & you re gonna love with the shape of yourself.
Always keep a healthy body with a perfect lifestyle, best training & best nutrition.
- Keep working hard towards your goal & the hard work will pay off
Trust me, i have gone through the worst to get the best of best.
Remember one thing,
"Best always comes after the worst"
Last but not the least, I'm going to mention here, Yes, I'm a natural aesthetic. I haven't used any supplements ever.
I always have concerned about the hygiene & the natural sources,
Which are as follows; - Natural sources of protein, fiber, ingredients & nutrients that help you to figjt with fat. In fact they are best when maintained with proper hygiene & helps you to get a fairer skin tone & perfect physic with eye catchy abs.
  • Some Do's & Don't's are necessary too:-
1. Avoid sugar &  sugar containing drinks.
2. Eating more protein related food is a great long term strategy to reduce fat
3. Cut carbs from your diet.
4. Eat food rich in fiber, especially viscous fiber.
Proper diet is 70% & exercise is 30% effective in reducing belly fat.
5. Never eat junk food, yes never eat junk food.
  • You must know the reasons to stay fit & to be in shape. I'm giving few of them here:-
1. Confidence- The rich you are in your confidence, the rich you are in your personality.
2. Impression- It makes you look attractive, your bloody look sexy as hell, people judge you by looks & only looks. Having a good heart or a good nature has no value in front of looks. Remember first impression is the last impression. So stay fit always.
3. Health- Proper health helps to gain a proper body shape, whether its for a guy or for a girl. Proper health keeps you disease free.
4. You will be more productive- No matter what you do, if you are fit and healthy, your productivity will increase.
5. Better carrier growth- Of course you will always be attracted to people, even if he is a sales man or a office boy. So be fit & be healthy.
Get yourself in shape before its too late. Your body & mind is precious in all. So don't take a bad physic for granted. Please let my tips your inspiration & motivation to find your hidden inner potential & believe me you can achieve anything you want.